To anyone who is reading this, this post and blog is a quick snip into my journey from Sierra, the student, to Sierra, the writer.

My small writing experience branches out to a time period in my life where I dabbled in some heavy journaling, and of course school papers. I never considered myslef a writer, a reader yes, but a writer, no. Well except for the earlier years of my life, when kids are fed that they can be whoever they want to be, and five-year old Sierra believed that she was going to be a great story teller, a writer. Then the following week came and she wanted to be a cowgirl. So that small window of me wanting to be a writer ended in a wink.

Writing papers for school has always come much easier to me, then trying to solve a math equation. I enjoyed it a lot more and knew it was something I could do. But I never considered myself a great writer and was envious of those who can sit down and whip out a paper or story in no time. When I signed up for the class “Introduction to Newswriting,” I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous, knowing that there was going to be a lot of writing envolved, obviously. Each day in class, we had to sit down in font of our computers and think like a journalist. A new experience for me. Think of stories in the matter of minutes and begin writing. Finishing a 300 word story by the end of class, easy to some, quite difficult for me, Sierra, the student. Twice a week, I would come to class, sit down and soon be forcing my brain out of dream land and into writing a story. As the weeks went by, I started noticing that I would be leaving class earlier then I use to. Finishing my story much quicker then I’m use to and the flow of my story-telling came much easier to me. This exercise alone, changed me, Sierra, the student, into Sierra, the writer. Thinking outside of the box, that my brain has been contained in, and finishing an article in less time is no longer foreign to me. A trait that I have always been envious of, is now at the reach of my finger tips.